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“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Tons of Relief”

Plant a Tree! Plant a Garden!
“Imagine how nice it would be to have food in a time of scarcity…”

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No matter where you live, there are so many hazards to prepare for. Because of those many hazards, it’s important to establish a plan in the workplace, community, and individual household in order to ease the effects of a disaster or emergency situation.

Individual preparedness includes knowing the potential risks your home will have during a disaster and the ability to know how to implement your plan of action.

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Emergency Prep Categories

Is Your Home Really Secure?

Flash Light

TRASH! Managing it During an Emergency…

Flash Light

Using a Flashlight for Self Defense… It Works!

A Home Power Solution!
Can it work for YOU too?

Emergency Color Code

Securely post the properly colored signal(s) in a location easily seen from the street & obviously related to your home.

Well Water Remedy Cup

All-Natural Home Remedy


5 Tips for Staying Healthy During an Emergency…

Staying Alive in Cold Temperatures…


Winter is nature's most dangerous season! A wind chill of -20 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to frostbite in only 30 minutes, if you stay out much longer, it can kill you! But, if you're prepared & know what you're doing, you can survive. Click here for answers…

Grill, Boil, Cook, & Charge with this Fully Integrated System…


CAMPING STOVE plus: This product, & many others from this company, gets great reviews from everyone I’ve talked to & there are dozens more positive reviews on their website too! Check it out!


Freeze Dryer

FREEZE DRYERS: May be a good idea for storage and preparedness… check out a summary.

Edible Plants - You may need to eat wild plants!

Because you don't get to pick the time, place or circumstances dealt to you in an emergency situation.

Shelters - Be protected just about anywhere!

Exposure causes many deaths in an emergency situation. A basic shelter can prevent unnecessary exposure to the elements & are great for protecting gear and food too!

Purifying Water:

Purifying Water
REPEAT: USE ONLY Clorox® Regular-Bleach or Concentrated® Clorox Regular-Bleach. DO NOT use any Scented bleaches, High-Efficiency bleach, Splash-Less bleach, Ultimate Care bleach, or the Bleach Pen. AGAIN: USE ONLY Clorox® Regular-Bleach or Concentrated® Clorox Regular-Bleach.

Suggestions are Welcome & Needed

Many of you have great knowledge and experience in being prepared, you are welcome to share them – we'd love that! We'll post them here for others to learn from.

Upcoming Events

We plan to have workshops and presenters of all sorts come and instruct and share. Please visit this sight often enough to see what we have planned.

Always more to come…

This sight will be updated on an ongoing basis as information and ideas become available and as world and local events and situations occur.

Make Plan. Get Kit. Practice!

Being Prepared is Completely Up to YOU!

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