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20 things you and your family will need to survive an economic collapse:

#1) Food Storage: Garden & Seeds too!

#2) Clean Water: Stored. Sources for. Filters & Tablets.

#3) Shelter: Several options for it is best!

#4) Warm Clothing: Indoors & Outdoors

#5) An Axe: For Firewood.

#6) Lighters/Matches: For starting fire. Also get a supply of candles.

#7) Hiking Boots/Comfortable Shoes: Absolutely critical. Quality that will last.

#8) A Flashlight/Lantern: A big necessity. Begin storing up lots of batteries.

#9) A Radio: To know what in the world is going on. Solar powered or "crank style".

#10) Communication Equipment: To communicate with your family and friends.

#11) Swiss Army Knife: Incredibly handy. Can do dozens of different things.

#12) Personal Hygiene Items: Life will get very unpleasant very quickly without them.

#13) First Aid Kit & Other Medical Supplies: You may not be able to access a hospital or a doctor during a major crisis.

#14) Extra Gasoline: There may come a day when gasoline is rationed or is simply not available at all.

#15) A Sewing Kit: Repair the clothes that you have and make them last.

#16) Self-Defense Equipment: Wild animals or dangerous people.

#17) Compass: Know what direction you are heading.

#18) Hiking Backpack: Carry all of your survival supplies in.

#19) Community: Those who are willing to work together that will have the best chance of making it. Work together. Loners are going to have a really hard time of surviving.

#20) Backup Plan: Always, always, always have a backup plan for everything.

12 Principles of Self-Reliance

The Lord has declared, “It is my purpose to provide for my saints” (D&C 104:15). This revelation is a promise that the Lord will provide temporal blessings and open the door of self-reliance. He has also declared that “it must needs be done in [His] way” (D&C 104:16). To receive the blessings of self-reliance, we must accept and live the principles of self-reliance, which include the following:

  • Exercise Faith in Jesus Christ (D&C 104:15)
  • Use Time Wisely (Alma 34:32)
  • Be Obedient (D&C 130:20–21)
  • Manage Money (D&C 104:78)
  • Work: Take Responsibility (D&C 42:42; 2 Nephi 2:16, 26)
  • Solve Problems (Ether 2:18–19, 23; 3:1, 4)
  • Become One, Work Together (Moses 7:18; D&C 104:15–17)
  • Communicate: Petition and Listen (D&C 8:2)
  • Persevere (Hebrews 12:1; D&C 58:4)
  • Show Integrity (Mosiah 4:28; Job 27:5; Articles of Faith 1:13)
  • Seek Learning and Education (D&C 88:118–119)
  • Stay On Task, Receive Ordinances (D&C 84:20; D&C 136:4; 1 Nephi 18:2–3)

These principles are taught more fully in the booklet My Foundation: Principles, Skills, Habits. We invite you to diligently study and apply them and teach them to your family. As you do, your life will be blessed. You will learn how to act on your path toward greater self-reliance.

Make Plan. Get Kit. Practice!

Being Prepared is Completely Up to YOU!

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