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  • MEDICAL PACK (First-aid and Trauma Supplies)


72 Hour Kit Suggestions (Click to Open Kits PDF)

NOTE: Pack the supplies that are right for you and your needs! Perhaps you are the best person to know what those exact items are. The below items are just some strongly suggested supplies that will help in a general sense. They may not completely fulfill your personal, specific needs. Plan carefully and REMEMBER you may need more than just 72 hours worth of supplies.

Back Pack

5.11 Tactical has great quality Backpacks! Contact them (866) 451-1726 and tell them Family sent you. Ask for Dallin. Quantity discounts are available. Having a great backpack can make all the difference! If your backpack fails it may cause you big, life threatening problems! Choose wisely…


Emergency reflective blankets: light weight, compact, cheap, warm and waterproof. Sleeping bags: consider the temperature rating for your area. If you’re lucky, your sleeping bag will come in nice nylon stuffing bag if not use a kitchen trash bag.
Fleece blankets: are warm and cheap and go on sale after Christmas. If you have an extra closet in your home, use it for emergency supplies.


Tents: medium size tents are great, warmth-waterproof-lightweight. If you have two man tents, they are great. Practice setting these up for family home evening.
Tarp: the tarp is for underneath the tent as an added barrier, build a lean to with it, or use it as a rain shelter.
Rope: nylon rope is useful in all kinds of needs like tying things down or to a tree.


Pick clothes that will work in most weather conditions. Items that are bigger than what each family member wears. Don't forget a Boonie Hat (covers your head, ears, and neck). A change of clothes would also be very helpful. Update every 6 months. Keep readied backpacks in your emergency closet.

Personal Hygiene Items

Include toiletries-some sanitation items small and lightweight bug spray and sunscreen. Put items in several plastic Ziploc bags so they can be found quickly, and prevent items from water damage. Contact lenses and solution. An inexpensive idea for toiletries is use the ones you get at hotels. Ask your dentist for some samples.


Collect a few items that could be used at an emergency shelter. Put in Ziploc bags; word games, small books, coloring books, crossword puzzles, etc. Copies of motivational talks, playing card games, note pads and pens. Small toys or stuffed animals.

Food & Water

Pick food your family likes to eat. Pick items that have a one year life span. Gallon Ziploc bags are great to keep items in. Label the date you put them together. Make a list of packed items packed inside your backpack – It will be good to know what you have on hand. Bottled water is good – but you will need extra, so store cases of water. Having a lifestraw type water filter is a great idea too. A good time to rotate your food and water is Easter and Thanksgiving.

Food Prep

A five gallon bucket is a great container. Food prep items, enamelware cups are great to be able to put them in the fire to heat things. Silverware, napkins, and multi-tool (which includes scissors like Leatherman). Matches (in baggies), mess kits, foil, small roll of paper towels, small camp stove, fuel, small cooking knife. Manual can opener and gas shut of key.

Grab and Go Container ideas

Back packs are one of the fastest to grab for personal supplies. Don’t forget a flashlight.
Totes are great for bedding -water and other supplies.
Buckets for items the whole family needs.
Family tent in its own bag. Or if you have a small one attach it to your back pack.
Duffle bags which are heavy duty and waterproof.
Luggage: small kids might think they are going on vacation.
Create a grab and go list.

Prepare Evacuation List

  1. List the most important items you want to take. Make sure cash is on this list – just brain storm and start writing.
  2. Divide the list into four small lists, by 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and 1 hour
  3. Now arrange items in your smaller list in the order you would grab them.
  4. Practice the evacuation with your family. Make lists. Hang them inside a cupboard door.

Additional Emergency Supplies for Disaster

In a 5 gal bucket put the following items. Leather work gloves, large tarp, folding shovel, hatchet, whet stone, 50 ft. nylon cord, duct tape, small folding cook stove, small hand broom, pliers and wrench, and cow bar/pry bar. These items are great to have ready to grab for camping also.

Additional Emergency Items

  • 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat lid
  • Cases of bottled water
  • Totes
  • Jug with spout
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Battery powered radio
  • Chain saw and extra blades
  • Extra fuel 5 gallon gas can

Emergency Preparedness

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.


Being Prepared is Completely Up to YOU!

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